BellaBambi® multi is a negative pressure system for individual fascia applications. It makes everyday life easier for professional users, e.g. in the areas of beauty, wellness, therapy and sports. Simply to relax or to support rehabilitative measures (in consultation with a doctor or therapist).

What is BellaBambi and how does it work?

BellaBambi is an innovative brand that specializes in suction cups used in fascia training and tissue support. BellaBambi is based on the principle of gentle negative pressure created by the suction cups. These suction cups are applied to the desired parts of the body and create a negative pressure that gently compresses the tissue and releases it again. This process promotes blood circulation, loosens the fascia and supports muscle regeneration. BellaBambi is usually used by gently placing the suction cups on the skin and creating negative pressure by pressing. This procedure can be used by professional users as well as for self-application.