Young Living products are based on centuries-old traditions and harness the power of essential oils in their purest form. They stand for premium quality and support a healthy lifestyle. This is why they have become a faithful companion in my daily work - because I am 100% convinced of their power.


How Essential Oils Work

People have enjoyed the positive effects of essential oils for thousands of years. Even early advanced civilizations used natural active ingredients from plants to strengthen the body and mind. And that hasn't changed until today.

Plants contain essential oils which protect your body from pathogens and have a vital, calming and regenerative function. They therefore accomplish the same task in the plant as blood does in humans. Essential oils have a structure very similar to that of the building blocks of the human cell, which is why our body recognizes and accepts them. The tiny molecules of highly concentrated plant extracts quickly enter the bloodstream through the skin and can therefore have an effect throughout the body.

Essential oils are extracted from the plant by steam distillation, cold pressing or resin drawing and used for cosmetic purposes but also to promote well-being.


Why I work with Young Living products

Personalized advice, consideration of your personal situation and products of the highest quality are my top priority in order to support you on your path to inner balance. That's why I only recommend products that I am 100% convinced of and that I use every day for myself and my family. Like Young Living essential oils.