For everyone who is looking for relaxation and recreation. All LuxVitalis massages combine specialist knowledge with sensitivity and intuition. Each treatment is always tailored to your individual needs.



Treat your back to some rest with relaxing and targeted massage strokes. The problem areas in the lumbar, thoracic and shoulder-neck areas as well as the chest muscles are loosened, stretched and toned. Pain, muscle shortening and blockages can be relieved and blood circulation is stimulated.

30 minutes € 45.00



This massage is intended for top-heavy and stressed people. You feel relaxed, light and completely yourself. Special grip techniques for cervical spine mobilization ensure quick switching off, calming of thoughts and lasting headroom. Targeted help against stress, neck pain, dizziness, posture problems, headaches and exhaustion.

30 minutes € 45.00



With this grounding foot massage we activate the self-healing powers and blocked life energy begins to flow again. The feet are connected to many organs. A massage of the corresponding pressure points is very relaxing and increases well-being, activates the body's self-healing powers and ensures a pleasant feeling of relaxation.

30 minutes € 48.-

With foot bath 40 minutes € 58.-



Lymphatic drainage is a decongestion therapy that can be used for preventive purposes as well as for relaxing or cosmetic reasons. This technique stimulates lymph flow throughout the body to the lymph nodes to facilitate the removal of excess fluids and metabolic wastes. This massage technique increases your immune system and performance.

30 minutes € 48.00


PREGNANCY MASSAGE (back massage)

We massage you comfortably while sitting, so that the massage is possible until birth. We discuss your individual needs in advance and work delicately and sensitively during the massage. In principle, the massage is suitable for all pregnant women who are feeling well! Massage is not recommended for: severe colds, flu, fever, bleeding, premature labor or discomfort, and for unexplained causes during the first three months of pregnancy. Please consult your local doctor beforehand.

30 minutes € 48.00



A massage that is tailored to your needs in terms of technique and intensity. This massage is primarily used to prevent and treat acute or chronic tension, diseases of the musculoskeletal system and for health prevention. Is ideal for anyone who is prone to muscle stiffness and tension!

50 minutes € 75.00



The sports massage is a powerful, classic massage that goes deeper into the tissue and loosens, supplies blood and tones the muscles. Trained massage techniques lead to the harmonization of the muscles with effective massage techniques, stretches and joint mobilization."Not all massages are the same: A massage with Retterspitz massage milk warms and relaxes the muscles. This relieves tension and cramps."

50 minutes € 80.00



Take a deep breath. Embark on a sensory journey with my Young Living essential oils that work on the body and mind. Take advantage of the beneficial and therapeutic properties and effects of these purely plant-based essences that cannot be found anywhere else.



This massage releases stress blockages, increases your well-being and can give you a deep feeling of calm and balance. Decelerate with this wonderful aromatic oil massage to ground yourself peacefully in the here and now.

50 minutes € 80.00



This energetic oil massage is like a gentle meditation. A massage with therapeutically pure, essential Young Living Oils® strengthens the immune system, promotes calm and well-being and restores inner balance. The wonderful scents and gentle massage strokes can lead to a healing relaxation of body, mind and soul. Flowers, fruits, leaves and roots provide the high-quality essential oils with their diverse healing powers. An indescribable feeling of wholeness and fullness arises.

50 minutes € 85.00



A powerful oil blend brings gentle well-being and maximum relaxation. This multi-sensory, intuitive and holistic massage causes a deep relaxation of the body, a release of blockages and thus enables a feeling of “being accepted”. The touches are sometimes gentle, sometimes strong, sometimes dynamic and then very slow. They can go deep into the muscle or be soft flowing. "Ideal for men who just want to completely relax."

50 mins € 80.00 / 75 mins € 110.00



Exceptionally valuable anti-cellulite massage. The exquisite herbal essences stimulate blood circulation in the skin and accelerate metabolism in the deeper layers of the skin. The massage cups used dissolve cellulitic clumps and tissue fluid. The increased metabolic activity has a positive effect on fat metabolism and can remove water retention containing toxins. **Sensitive skin may cause redness and bruising**

50 minutes € 85.00



A relaxing massage experience awaits you with high-quality, self-heating Bian stone rods combined with essential oils to take the positive effect of the massage a level higher. The heat penetrates the muscle tissue and the essential oils develop their effect through the skin. Energetic blockages are released and the immune system is strengthened. There is nothing to counteract deep relaxation. 

50 minutes € 90.00 


ABSOLUTE RELAX (from head to toe)

This soothing holistic, multi-sensory and intuitive balance massage with warm essential oils from YoungLiving ®, special energy moves in the interaction of various techniques from classical, Far Eastern and energetic massage causes a deep relaxation of the body, a release of blockages and tensions and thus enables a feeling of acceptance his. There is only one wish left...the wish for more!

75 minutes € 110.00



This Ayurvedic relaxation massage promises peace, balance and inner harmony. The entire body is covered and massaged with Ayurvedic oil. The massage harmonizes the body's energies, calms the nervous system, strengthens the immune system, stimulates lymph flow, cleanses and nourishes the skin and tissue. Energy and vitality return.

75 minutes € 115.00


Discover our holistic treatments that bring body, mind and soul into harmony and offer you a great wellness experience



Ear candles have their origins in the centuries-old culture of indigenous peoples. This healing, gentle treatment has a particularly relaxing, cleansing and decongestant effect. Gentle warmth and the quiet crackling of the ear candle flame lead to a triad of senses. The resulting negative pressure can regulate pressure in the middle ear and sinuses. Recommended for headaches, dizziness, tinnitus, forehead and sinus problems. The Auricular-technique® is an accompanying application on the ears. Certain acupressure points are activated. After using it you feel wonderfully invigorated, activated and stimulated.

25 minutes € 35.-



Acupressure points in the upper part of the spine and at the base of the skull are stimulated with coordinated essential oils. It has a direct effect on our nervous system because it is carried out at the central canal of the nerve cords and the entry area into the brain. The oils have a balancing effect on the nerves and activate the parasympathetic nervous system, which is responsible for our regeneration and recovery. The nerve cells of the brain and upper spine become better networked, connected and activated, especially at the locus caeruleus and vagus nerve.

30 minutes € 48.00



Retterspitz® Medical Cosmetics provides the skin with the best, natural care products and ingredients. Traditional knowledge ensures radiant skin. Well-groomed skin is beautiful skin. A fresh, radiant complexion is not a question of age, but of care. The skin is supplied with the best care substances and natural ingredients such as Q10, provitamin B5, urea, valuable oils and selected plant extracts. For Retterspitz, consistent care also means consistently avoiding artificial additives such as odorants, critical emulsifiers, animal components, nanoparticles, unnecessary preservatives, microplastics and much more...

Cleansing, peeling, facial massage, mask, final care.

45 minutes € 68.00



An intensive, gentle enzyme peeling, massage and nutrient-rich mask immediately noticeably replenish the skin's moisture reserves. The TakaBath® Face Wash Pad enables a 5-in-1 treatment! The Cleansing Pad cleanses the surface of the skin with its soft and foaming side and penetrates deep into the epidermis. The Volume Tox Serum® is then applied, consisting of the specially developed and patented PT-Peptide ComplexTM, which uses highly concentrated active ingredients to activate the body's own regenerative power, restructure the skin and at the same time strengthen the natural skin barrier.

30 minutes € 45.00


Discover our holistic treatments that bring body, mind and soul into harmony and offer you a great wellness experience



A special, gentle application in which acupuncture points and meridians on the skin are stimulated with a massage stick.

30 minutes € 48.00



Our effective body wraps provide nutrients, nourishing moisture and stimulate the skin's microcirculation. With gentle movements, your body is embalmed, massaged and then wrapped up comfortably. You can rest deeply relaxed on the water bed at a pleasant 37°C. The active ingredients can penetrate deeper into the skin due to the temperature.

Choose your pack: 

30 minutes € 48.00



A soothing, cleansing and invigorating balneo treatment in the horizontal shower. The stress of everyday life is simply washed away. The fragrant foam slows down and relaxes you when you are physically exhausted and loosens your muscles. Not only will you get clearer skin, but your overall health will be strengthened. The heart and circulation are stimulated, the muscles relax and the body's own defenses are activated.

30 minutes € 48.00